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Method to my Madness

People frequently comment on my procedures, my "rules"; the general way I do things. I like to think my instructions are very clear but not over-the-top.

Yes, I ask that you handle things exactly the way I lay it out.

If this is a problem for you, for whatever reason, then you should see someone whose style better fits your own.

I've found that most people are more willing to follow my procedures once they understand the WHY behind them so here goes....

My communication is limited to email and Private Messages on Preferred411. Although I occasionally answer messages on other sites, this is inconvenient for me and will usually result in a delayed response. Why? Because I have enough trouble keeping up with email and PMs. Going to yet another site to read and respond to what are almost always timewasting messages?

I'm sorry but I have to prioritize my time and energy.

Why no phone calls or texts? Because I'm not comfortable arranging dates via phone or text message. It makes me extremely nervous and I'm likely to have knee-jerk reactions to what might be innocent jokes or questions. So now I stick to email.

Screening? I have talked about this a LOT, and explain it quite a bit on my FAQs page so I'm not going to continue to beat a dead horse.

Commonly Asked Questions

"Why can't I have your location/address the day before?"

Because others have ruined it for you, that's why.

Even repeat clients, whom I trusted, just spontaneously stopped by my hotel and then texted me, "Hey I was in the area so decided to drop in... rm# plz?"

This is NOT okay with me. At all. Ever.

So to avoid this, I don't share my address until the morning of our date.

"Why do I have to text you by a certain time?"

Well, mainly so I can plan out my day. For early-morning dates, to be honest, I don't start gettting ready until I've received that text.... and my primping takes a WHILE lol.

So yes, you need to get in touch with me very early. :-)

Also, I do not check my phone or answer texts when I'm not alone. So if we have a 2:00pm date but I also happen have a 3 hour date at 9:00am, then I'll ask you to reach out BEFORE 9:00am. ;-)

"Can't you give me your room number when I'm a few minutes away? Waiting in a parking lot makes me nervous!"

Here's how I do it: once you text me you've arrived, I'll send you my room number with directions to the elevator.

Then I dim the lights, start my music playlist, and go to the door to watch through the peephole for your approach. Once you're within close proximity, I open the door for you.

I prefer not to be standing at my door for the good 10min or so it might take if I give you my room number when you haven't yet arrived so.... yes, it must be done that way.

"Why all the cloak and dagger? Can't I just knock on the door?"

Most of my dates are in the daytime. During those hours, the only door-knocking is usually done by Housekeeping.

Some hotel staff members keep a sharp eye (and a keen ear!) out for any suspicious activity. Having a few people knock on my door in one day could definitely draw unwanted attention, which I strive very hard to avoid.

"I normally wait in the lobby or at the hotel bar for the lady to give me her room info. Why can't I do this with YOU?"

Here's the thing: I do not claim to be a "low volume" entertainer. If hotel staff were to notice several solo gentlemen lingering about in one day, perhaps periodically checking their phones, then immediately heading upstairs after receiving a text or call? They might grow suspicious enough to follow one upstairs to see what room he's visiting. And then... well, all sorts of trouble could ensue.

"Do you really think the hotels care what you're doing?

I'm sure they're aware and are just happy to rent the room!"

I'm sorry but I know from hearing many tales of hotels harrassing companions, and my own personal experiences, that it's always always always best to err on the side of caution. It's not a huge inconvenience to you so please, always be as discreet as possible with whomever you choose to see.

"Why do I have to go wash my hands?"

Three reasons.

1) The world is dirty and you probably want to touch me so... yes, please wash your hands.

With soap. ;-)

2) I use this moment to check-in with my assistant.

I believe it's important for professional companions to have someone with whom we check in and out for all dates, who can then alert the cavalry if something is amiss.

3) This gives me an opportunity to check the envelope.

"Are you REALLY that sensitive to scents?"

I'm sorry but enviromental allergies & asthma are not the same as a "sensitivity".

Yes, I'm truly ALLERGIC to many scents & fragrances.

It'd be great if you don't wear any, but it's also totally fine for you to warn me in advance that you ARE sporting a scent. I need at least 30 minutes' notice for my antihistamine to be fully effective, thank you.

Earlier this year, I had an unpleasant encounter with someone who ignored my instructions and then became nasty when I pointed it out. He was adamant he'd done nothing wrong.... well, let me just say this: no matter what it is a companion requires you to do (or NOT do), if you deliberately handle things differently, then you are at fault.

Even if you feel what I ask is unnecessary, disregarding it is just plain disrespectful. No need to argue with me about it; simply see someone else.

Please feel free to ask about any of my other requests and procedures below or via Twitter! Thank you! XOXOXO

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