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Clients age 35 and over only!

Real full name for screening & Photo ID in person are always required. 

Please read the FAQs for my additional screening requirements.

Thank you!


To reserve more than 3 hours, I ask for a 50% deposit to be sent at the time the booking is made.  Thank you for understanding! 

For all Fly-Me-To-You, overnights & longer options, please visit my Longer Dates Info page.


*Advance Notice Rates (No Deposit or Prepayment Required!):

My discounted "Advance Notice" or "Prebook" rates will apply to all dates which are booked by the specified deadline.  That's it: simply schedule by the posted deadline.  

Prepayment or deposits are not necessary to lock in the Advance rate!

This deadline is typically one day prior to the first day of my availability in each city and is posted on my Calendar page.  Scroll down my Upcoming Dates section to find the "Advance Booking Rate" deadline for your city.

If you are scheduling after that date, "Standard Rates"  apply.  

If you do not see a deadline posted, please ask me!

This deadline is not negotiable, so please don't bother asking if you can have my Advance Notice rate after that point! (Sorry for yelling, but it happens a LOT.)


"Booked" means that I have checked your screening info and we have agreed upon a day and time.  Once we're confirmed,  you'll receive my day-of instructions.... which will specify which rate applies to our date. 

IF YOU ARE STILL UNSURE which rate applies, please ask: "Does this qualify as an Advance Notice Booking?"  Thank you.  

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that you need to cancel our date, please give me as much notice as possible.

If you cancel within 7 days of our arranged meeting, I  may require a deposit the next time you ask to schedule. 

Any confirmed booking cancelled within 48 hours of our scheduled date will require a fee of 50% the rate booked. 

If you do not keep our date (No Call/No-Show), fail to confirm on the day-of, cancel our date or reduce the amount of our time on the day-of , I require the FULL FEE for your oringally scheduled time.

Cancellation Fees are due within 72 hours and accepted via gift cards; not credit cards or bank transfers.
This fee is not counted as credit towards any future engagements.

Thank you for understanding; I hope I won't ever need to enforce this policy! xoxoxoxo


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