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Autumn 2022


Clients age 35 and over only!

Real full name for screening & Photo ID in person are always required. 

Please read the FAQs for my additional screening requirements.

Thank you!


Welcome to my world!

Thank you for visiting my little web home!  

Please take the time to thoroughly read all of the information provided here.

Almost every question you may have is answered within these pages.  


I am a tall, curvy, busty blonde woman, available for discreet daytime diversions.  

In-call only.

No longer a girl, I am a well-preserved  "mature" category woman.

I typically travel/tour nearly every week these days, so please check my Calendar!



Physical description: taller than average, with a very feminine 36DDD hourglass figure, topped off by long, golden blonde hair, hazel eyes, and luscious lips.



What do I look like?  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!        

My features always garner attention and have been described as anything from cute to beautiful and everything in between.  Some people my looks remind them of Kim Basinger while others say I resemble Cheryl Hines. 

I am NOT a "lookalike" for either of these women.  I  mention that my features seem similar to theirs (to some people) ONLY to give you an idea of what I look like.  Personally, I don't  think I look much like either of them, but I hear it all the time so... there you go. 

My look is sexy and bold;  there's nothing subtle about me!  

If you are looking for the girl-next-door cutie, then please keep looking. 

I’m definitely something a bit more rare. 


No body jewelry, but a few medium-size tattoos.


When we meet, I will be wearing sexy cocktail attire with high heels.

Please see my FAQs for further info.


It's important for me to tell you I am a quick-witted smartass with a strong sense of humor, often leaning towards the sarcastic and ironic.  

Not one to take myself, any situation, or any other person too seriously.  

This little world is endlessly entertaining and amusing to me..... being able to laugh at the absurdity of it all is what has kept me relatively sane and able to still enjoy it!




Things To Know Prior To Contacting Me:


Read my FAQs before reaching out to me, please.

My screening requirements are non-negotiable.  I will not compromise or make any exceptions.  


Because I prefer knowing my schedule ahead of time, I offer a special Advance Notice rate for those who book by the specified deadline.

This does NOT require a deposit or prepayment of any kind.  

Simply schedule by the noted date; that's all.  

Again: no deposit or prepayment required!

Please be aware that I only see clients who are 35+ years of age.


I have severe allergies.  

If possible, please  refrain from wearing cologne, aftershave, and body sprays.  

You may also  avail yourself of my shower to wash off any scents and/or fragrances.

At the very least, please notify me in advance that you'll be sporting a scent so I can take an antihistamine prior to your arrival.  

Unless, of course, you'd like to see me break out in hives lol. 



My typical days and hours of availability are weekday day times.

For my travel dates and schedule, please refer to the Calendar page.

Sorry, but I'm not available in the evenings or most weekends.



My exact days and hours of availability are (usually) updated weekly, so please visit my Calendar page for my current schedule.  Thank you!

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