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Clients age 35 and over only!

Real full name for screening & Photo ID in person are always required. 

Please read the FAQs for my additional screening requirements.

Thank you!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!  And better yet, getting to know you.  

The following steps will help everything to go as smoothly as possible, so that we can get straight to enjoying each other!


Please be sure you have read my screening requirements prior to contacting me.  

Tell me which option applies to you, when you'd like to meet, and how long you want to keep me!


Once I've verified your information (including your real full name), I'll tell you we're all set. 


~ I have severe environmental allergies.  

If possible, please  refrain from wearing cologne, aftershave, and body sprays.  

You may also  avail yourself of my shower to wash off any scents and/or fragrances.

Body washes & deodorants: the only brands I know cause an allergenic response are Axe, Irish Spring, and Mennen Speed Stick.  

Alternatively, please notify me when confirming  in the morning that you'll be sporting a scent so I can take an antihistamine prior to your arrival. 

(Even essential/botanical oils, "light" fragrances, those applied sparingly or many hours previously can still cause respiratory and/or contact responses. )

DO NOT BRING A FIREARM TO OUR DATE.  If you have one with you that day, please leave it in your vehicle.  I've had bad experiences involving guns.  Enough said.

If there are any hotels in the area which you cannot/will not visit for any reason (for example, if a relative/neighbor/friend works there) please bring this up during scheduling, not on the day-of our date.  If you wait until I've given you my location to tell me you cannot go there and then cancel?  I'm sorry, but my cancel policy, including fee, applies.


On the day we are to get together, text me to confirm*.  

If I've asked that you do so by a certain time, please do your utmost to reach out by that time.  I'll give you my location then.  

If I do not immediately respond to your morning text, please do me the courtesy of waiting until the deadline I'd given you prior to getting nervous, sending additional texts and emails or assuming that I am flaking out on you.  In other words, if I asked you to text no later than noon, please give me until noon to get back to you.  IF  I still haven't responded by the  specified time, please do follow up via text and/or email.  Thank you!  :-)



Once you are parked at my location, text me one last time for your final destination information. 

~If I do not respond to your text within 5 minutes, please text me again.  Texts can go astray so if I still don't reply after another few minutes, try calling me instead.  Mobile phone technology is unfortunately not always as reliable as I could wish lol. 

Disclosure: I'm frequently 5-10 minutes late.  If that's a serious issue for you, please make that known when you schedule.  (It's a "me" problem, I'm always late for everything in my personal life too. I know it's not okay and I'm working on it.) 


Once you have my room number, please proceed through the hotel discreetly.  

Please do not ask hotel employees for directions to my room!  

If you need help, text me again so I can either text or call you to assist. 

I will most likely be watching for your arrival; the door will be open.

Do not knock! (please see my FAQs page for the explanation on this. xoxoxo)

When you enter, you will not immediately see me, as I prefer to remain behind the door until it is closed.  Wait until the door is closed to say anything, please!  

Just because you may see only an empty room, does not mean it is empty.  I am there.  

So don't call out! (Sorry, but it's been an issue.)

At the time of our date, please have the correct amount of cash for our scheduled time pre-counted, preferably in an unsealed envelope, and please do not mention it or refer to it in any manner.  If you'd like to pay via another method, this must be pre-arranged and completed in advance. 

Once you are inside, and after our hello kiss, please present your government-issued Photo ID.   

Then set the envelope down in plain sight and excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands.


If there is any problem, I will mention it.  Otherwise, please don't ask me about the donation or bring it up at all.


If you are considering extending our date, please advise me of this when scheduling and know the correct amounts in advance; do not ask me.  Even if we've already spent a very enjoyable hour together, asking me what additional amount I require for a second hour will make me uncomfortable.  

So please refrain from doing so. 

As you take your departure, at the end of a lovely and mutually enjoyable interlude, please follow the arrival steps in reverse.  

Specifically: say goodbyes, well-wishes, hope-to-see-you-soons, etc.  before the door opens. 

Once the door is open, please do not say anything more.  Quiet & discretion cannot be stressed enough for these moments, so please forgive me if this advice seems like overkill.  Trust me, I wouldn't be mentioning it if there weren't a reason. LOL.  

Also, please remember the phone number I provide is for day-of communications only and is not to be shared with anyone else.  This includes other companions.  I'm always happy to provide references, but only via email.  So please, do not share my phone number.  

After our rendezvous, please feel free to share any feedback (positive or negative) with me but do not write reviews or reports on any of the various websites.  Thank you! 

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that you need to cancel our date, please give me as much notice as possible.

If you cancel within 7 days of our arranged meeting, I  may require a deposit the next time you ask to schedule. 

Any confirmed booking cancelled within 48 hours of our scheduled date will require a fee of 50% the rate booked.  Why? Because at that point I'll already be on the hook for travel & lodging expenses, not to mention my time  spent  getting there. 

If you do not keep our date (No Call/No-Show), fail to confirm on the day-of, cancel our date or reduce the amount of our time on the day-of , I require the FULL FEE for the amount of time initially scheduled.

Cancellation Fees are due within 72 hours and accepted via gift cards; not credit cards or bank transfers.
This fee is not counted as credit towards any future engagements.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope I won't ever need to enforce this policy! xoxoxoxo



* If you are an RS2K member, you must text me from your RS2K-registered phone number!  

No exceptions, thank you. 




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