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Nice work if you can get it....

“I can only imagine what providers have to put up with!”

That’s something that I hear from clients quite a bit. And yes, I’ve had my share of rude/pushy/arrogant client behavior. But those really are the minority. Most men I meet are friendly, respectful and even fun! There are the occasional instances where someone makes a mistake (usually due to not thoroughly reading my website) or doesn’t effectively communicate with me. Although these make me shake my head or even do a full face-palm (LOL!) it’s no big deal and I really do empathize.

Even the majority (and we’re talking a small number anyway) of the men I’d rather not meet again aren’t really “bad ones”. Most of the time, it’s that we just didn’t click. The rest mostly did or said foolish/indiscreet things or in some way made it clear he did not respect my requested procedures.

Then there are the few who’ve written reviews I don’t like lol! I’ll be addressing reviews in a future blog entry, have no fear! ;-)

I enjoy meeting new people and listening to them talk about themselves. And I confess to having a voyeuristic nature in that learning of others’ experiences in this hobby is often pretty hot! OK, the tales from the front (the bad episodes) are usually extremely entertaining too.

So yeah…. This isn’t a bad gig, it really isn’t. I like it a LOT. And to be completely honest, the gentlemen I encounter in this little world have generally treated me much better (more respectfully) than men in “real life” with whom I’ve tried to have friends-with-benefits or even basic fuck-buddy arrangements. Which makes no sense to me.

Men I’ve found through hookup sites, or even traditional routes, have proven to be much more selfish and unreliable than my “hobby” callers. From disrespectful social behavior to making little-to-no-effort to see to my pleasure during an encounter, these experiences have left me wondering if I should stop trying altogether, and instead save my energy for my “hobbyist” friends. Who, for the most part, DO want me to have a good time too or at the very least, do NOT treat me like a whore who is undeserving of even the most basic courtesies and decent treatment.

And I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make: this line of work (thankfully) isn’t what many have thought it is.

I don’t get treated like a piece of meat.

You know, the way that character portrayed by Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) treated Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman lol? That sort of approach.

Even if some of my clients actually think that way, they do a very good job of keeping that attitude to themselves. If I get even a whiff of that vibe from someone, I will ask him to leave.

I won’t tolerate that sort of behavior.

Gentlemen with outside-the-box requests? Well, they’re often very interesting to me.

I’m not a fetish/fantasy provider, but have no issues with gentlemen who enjoy body worship, feet, shoes, legs etc. Domination or role-play to go along with that? Nope. That’s just not my thing.

Because I make it quite clear that I’m not going to get into some of the more exotic interests, I don’t get asked to do these things very often……..

Other ladies have told you that a lot of men “just want to talk”? LMFAO! Uh, no.

Perhaps I should rephrase, as it is possible that other providers have encountered this more frequently that I have.

I’ve been in and out of the business multiple times over the past 20+ years, have spent somewhere around a decade IN the biz and can count on one hand the number gentlemen who didn’t want to do more than talk. So make of that what you will. ;-)

What I do like, and how I prefer my dates to go, is to keep things laid-back and natural. I’m a kisser and will greet my callers with a “hello kiss” to get things off to a steamy start. If you don’t like to kiss, or at least not right away, then I’ll feel a bit awkward and there’s a very good chance that our time together may take on a stilted, or even forced, quality at first. But once we do kiss? Mmmmm, delicious!

With me, kissing (and all playtime) is a dance and I prefer for you to lead. Yes, I’ll lean in to initiate but after that the ball is in your court! Long, deep kisses are what get my motor running but if you keep it to light pecks and tongue brushes then that’s what you’ll get in return. You were hoping that I’d plunge my own tongue deeper to begin some exploring? Sorry, but no. You really like it when the provider takes the lead?

Well, then I am not the lady for you.

Same goes if what you find the hottest are the PSE-style, sexual dynamo types of ladies. The ones who practically pounce on you the moment you walk in the door and keep things a-hoppin’ (a virtual whirlwind of sexual activity) throughout your entire time together, leaving you a breathless, limp mess at the end. Yeah, that’s not me. That’s what you like and were really hoping to experience with me?

Nah, I’m more into letting things progress at a slower pace, in a way that feels more natural to me.

So please don’t expect a high-energy, sexed-up nympho babe in me. There are ladies like this, and believe me they do give a hot, hot, HOT time…. But I’m not one of them.

Basically what I’m saying is if that sort of style is required for you to consider an experience (and thus, the lady herself) to be top-notch then please don’t make a date with me. Comparing me to those sorts of experiences really is an apples-to-oranges situation and I personally feel that you’d be setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Hmmmm… it seems I went off on a tangent for a moment there. Ah well, I do tend to take conversational detours quite often. Oh, and I also quote movies, songs, and make various pop-culture references very frequently so you can expect that both here in my blog, as well as in person. xoxoxoxo

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