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                                  Frequently Asked Questions 






Question: Where are you located?


Response: I am a full-time touring lady, which means my location frequently varies from day to day. 

Please check my Calendar page for my current and upcoming destinations!

Question: Do I have to prepay or give you a deposit to get an appointment?


Response: No, you do not.

Let me say that again: NO PREPAYMENT OR DEPOSIT REQUIRED*.  

(For Overnights, Travel Dates, Fly Me To You engagements and bookings of 3+ hours, deposits are necessary.  Deposits are only accepted via specific gift cards.)

*There will always be occasional exceptions to any policy.  In this case, particularly in instances when someone has a history of cancellations, but this is not my standard operating procedure. ;-) 


Question: What are your screening requirements?  

Response: My Basic Screening Requirements

Your real full name (First, Middle, Last)

Your age

City & State on your ID

Mobile Phone # that is not a prepaid phone or app

Screening could take as little as an hour or up to a couple days to complete.  

So please inquire early and leave as much time as possible before your requested date. 


This information can be submitted via email or by filling out my Screening Form, located on my Contact page in the tabs above. 

When we meet,  I will need to see a government-issued ID such as a Driver's License, State ID, or Passport. 

You do NOT need to have (or sign up for) a membership in any site or service!

Question: Do I have to send a pic or scan of my ID?


Response: No, not typically.  The only time I might ask for it is if the details you've shared with me cannot be verified online.  In today's day & age when virtually everyone has a traceable electronic footprint, this is unusual.

Question: I am under 35 but very mature; will you make an exception for me?


Response: My age requirement has nothing to do with your maturity level and/or experience.  I've tried giving gentlemen younger than 35 a chance, but have realized I'm simply not comfortable being with men in that age group. 

It's not you, it's ME.   Seriously.  

Question: Do you have any reviews?

Response: While there are currently reviews and reports of me still viewable on various websites, I am distancing myself from any platforms which do not allow providers a voice and/or those which condone fake reviews. 

I was a 2-time Ms. TER (theeroticreview) and popular on a couple other boards too, but being so high-profile has became too much.   I was a target of harassment and garnered many fake reviews.  Just because they were all "good reviews" doesn't make it okay.  Fakes should always be reported & removed, in my opinion.

Please respect my wishes and do not write public reviews or reports.  Thank you.  

Question: Will you send me a photo of your full face? 

Response: I'm sorry, but if I were willing to share such photos, they'd be here on my website.  The same goes for any other photos you have in mind. ;-)

Question:  Do you have a payment alternative to cash? 


Response:  Yes, if you would like to pay in advance.

I accept prepayment, cancellation fees and deposits for extended dates via specific gift cards, which can be purchased online or in retail stores.  

I will give instructions for how to do this upon request.  Please do not send electronic gift cards to my publicly published email address(es).  I willl give you an alternate to use for this purpose.  ;-)

If  a refund  of your deposit or prepayment must be made, it will only be done in the same manner it was received: in an email/online transaction. 

Question: Hi Deb!  I want to meet you!

Response: I'm sorry, but there's no one here named "Deb" heh heh heh.

Please call me Debra.  Thank you. XOXOXOXO

Question: Will you do a FaceTime/Video-chat to verify yourself?

Response: No, I won't do this. 

I'm really curious how this serves as verification, other than proving SOME human being was there on the other end, speaking to you.  (it's probably possible to fake this with AI too)

Please  do your homework on me prior to reaching out and you'll find that I'm a very real person, who's been around for quite a while. 

Question: This will be my first time visiting a professional companion.

Will you see a newbie or first-timer?  How do I do this?


Response: I am very newbie-friendly!  The only issue is screening, but this is possible if you are willing to provide the personal information I ask. 

Please read my website thoroughly and carefully prior to contacting me.  

I do my best to provide enough discreet information to help you out.

Thank you! xoxoxo

Question:  Do you do half-hour appointments?


Response:  Sorry, no. 

Question: Will you vouch for me with another companion?


Response: Yes! Once we have had an enjoyable date, I am happy to provide a reference to another companion. 

Question: I am a member of a verification site! 

Do you need more from me?  


Response:   If you want to meet me, you MUST give me your real, full name.

 Current RS-AVS (RS2K) members : Just tell me your full name, City & State, email address and the mobile phone number they have for you.  When you text me to confirm our date, you must do so from that same phone number.

Question: But I have many excellent references/OKs! Do you really need my name?


Response: Sorry, but I really and truly will not accept any client who refuses to give me his full name. Real names and IDs are a must for me. 

Absolutely no exceptions; period, exclamation point. (!) members:  

Please send me a PM (private message) or appointment request there.  

Once we've agreed upon a day & time, your real full name is required to consider our date reserved.  

I will not hold a time for our date until I have your name.

If you do not have an established history of  Okays there then I might ask for additional references and information. 

Private Delights members:  

Please send me a message through their site to verify your membership.  

Once we've agreed upon a day & time, your real full name is required to consider our date reserved.  

I will not hold a time for our date until I have your name.

If you do not have an established history there then I might ask for references and  information. 

Question: May I make a clothing/outfit/shoe request?

In short, no. While I'm happy to don thigh-highs for you, that's the only request I'll grant. No, I won't wear specific items seen in my photos or your choice of  footwear or undergarments. 

I prefer to choose what makes ME feel sexy, from head to toe.  

My favorite ensemble consists of a red cocktail dress with high heels.  

Please note that I have many, many red dresses.... I do not wear the same ol' number for every date lol. 

Question:  Do you really have an assistant or is that just you? 


Response:  Her name is Jean.  She is very real and is often much nicer than I am lol.  

She handles my email and screenings, as well as being a much-needed sounding board for whenever I want to vent or simply cry on her shoulder.  

This business can feel very isolating, especially for touring ladies, and it's important to have someone in my corner. 

Question: When is your next visit to my city?


Response: The quickest way for you to learn such information is to check out my Calendar page, located in the tabs above. 


You can also subscribe to my newsletter, to receive that information in your inbox! (Sign-up on my Contact or Calendar pages!)

Question: Do you do outcalls?  


Response: Sorry, no.

Question: I'm sick. You don't want me to keep our date, do you? 

Response: If you are sick* then you must cancel.  If it's within the window for a cancellation fee, you are on the hook for that.    

When I have to cancel,  I am subject to fees from my hotels , airlines, etc PLUS the money I spent on advertising is then wasted.   

I don't cry to those businesses "but I'm SICK, I shouldn't have to pay!"

I was well aware of their policies at the time of my purchase or reservation.  

My own policies are equally clear so please don't expect any exceptions from me, either.  Thank you.  

*This also applies if you were (or believe you were) exposed to Covid or in any way think you might have it.  

 Do NOT try to put it on me by saying, "you wouldn't want to risk getting this, would you?" or anything similar.  

If you must quarantine, you must cancel, and I do not have a "Coronavirus Exemption" to my cancellation policy.

Question: Do you have an upwards age limit?  Am I too old for you? 


Response: Absolutely not! I am completely comfortable meeting gentlemen in their 60s, 70s, and 80s.  To date, my oldest gentleman friend was 89 but I'd be very pleased to entertain someone even more developed in years.  xoxoxo

Question: It's past the deadline for your Advance Notice rate but will you please still give me your discount?

Not to be harsh, but absolutely not.  Please don't ask or even hint at this.  

Depending upon your wording, that alone can cause me to decide against meeting you.  Ever.

Why? This discount is my gift to those who make my life less stressful by completing screening and scheduling with me in advance of my dates.  

To give it to any bargain-hunter who comes along after the deadline would be unfair to my friends who arranged their own schedules days, or even weeks, prior to my availability.

The deadline for this is posted on my Calendar page, under every date & city.  

It is usually 1 day prior to my first day in each location.  

Question:  What times do you have available? 


Response:  I'm sorry but it's far more efficient for you to simply tell me what times are possible for you.  Then my assistant and I will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  If you have a few windows of opportunity, tell me those clearly then I'll let you know which of those sync up with my availability.  

Less back-and-forth messages this way, meaning a greater likelihood of scheduling.... especially if you're inquiring for a same-day meeting.  ;-)

Question: Can I be your first date of the day? 


Response: Yes, provided you schedule our date for my first availability of the day. 

Example: My day begins at 7:00am; if you arrange our date for 7:00 or 7:30am then you will be my first caller of the day.  :-)

Please, for your own sake, don't tell me you need to be my first date.  It makes me think you believe I don't shower or adequately clean the room in between callers, or that you may have even more unsavory assumptions.  So don't do that. 

Question: What purpose does a real name serve?  What will you do with it? 

Response: Basically, I research you on the internet.  In additon to the usual verification and checking the standard provider resources, I'll use LinkedIn, Facebook, the sex offender registry and others. 


Yes, people who are on the sex offender registry, have a history of domestic violence and more, try to see companions.  I prefer to avoid these characters. 

The most common issue I have found, however, is that I either know, or am in some way connected to, the person in real life.  I don't wish to wind up face-to-face with a former schoolmate, a neighbor, or anyone else from my personal life.  Screening via real names helps me to avoid that too. 

It is also my belief that the true predators who are intending to do harm are unlikely to give me their real name.  

I might be wrong, but I haven't been seriously hurt since I began requiring it.

Question:  Will you tell me YOUR real name and show me your ID too?

Response:  Do you need my real name to decide whether or not to see me?  No?  

Well there you go.  Here's the way I see it:  you get to view my naked photos and read many explicit reviews to see that I am an established, reputable provider.  

You can also use that info to decide if I am what you seek.

My research and vetting process require your real name.  Then when we meet I need to see your ID so I know that you actually are the person I agreed to meet.


So if you are also an adult service provider and have your nude pics all over the internet, along with some juicy tell-alls....... THEN I will do you the courtesy of sharing the same personal details I require from you.  

Question: Do you offer dinner dates or overnights? 


Response: I offer overnight and longer dates, but due to my travel schedule, this is only occasionally possible.  Please inquire regarding specific days and locations. 

(This IS available  as part of a "Fly Me To You" or travel date.) 

Rates for Overnights, FMTYs and longer engagements are in the drop-down menu under the Etc. tab above. 



Question: Do you offer massage/body rub or have a massage rate? 


Response: Although it is absolutely my goal to relax you, and I will give a light back or neckrub upon request, I am not a FBSM provider and don't offer any separate/specific packages for it.  

This is something which can be a part of regular companionship services only. 

Question:  Do you do have a Wish List or suggestions of gifts you'd like?


Response:  Thank you for being so thoughtful!  Yes, it can be found in the drop-down menu of my Etc tab above, under Mementos. 

Question: Do you have any Birthday Discounts or Specials?


Response:  Yes! For returning friends, visiting within 30 days of your birthdate, I give a gift of 30 minutes added to any date.  

I'm sorry but this isn't an option for new clients.

Question: Why do you say not to knock on your hotel room door?


Response: The short answer is to be as discreet as possible in the hotel.

Long answer?  Hotels do not want me doing what I do, in their establishments.  Plenty of providers have been kicked out of hotels for "suspicious activity" and others have had police show up to their door after the hotel staff called them.

I work during daytime hours.  It's very unusual to hear anyone other than housekeeping knocking on room doors in the daytime.

During the day, hotel housekeeping staff is often in the hallway.  If they hear visitors knocking on a door a few times, they might get curious.  Then suspicious enough to alert management, who might take action.

So, in the interest of avoiding unwanted attention, I ask that you not knock on my door.  

Question: Will you entertain a male-female couple?  


Response: Yes, but only outside of the Chicagoland area.  

Please understand that you must both submit all my required screening information.    

Because I've learned from experience that an hour simply isn't enough time with couples, you must book at least 90 minutes.   ;-)

Question: Are you a GFE (girlfriend experience) provider?


Response: Short answer: yes.   

Long answer: this is a much-debated term, with many providers asserting that it means nothing more than a style or vibe and/or that it refers to someone offering dinner dates & longer engagements.  

The vast majority of clients, particularly those reading review sites & boards, feel it means that specific physical acts are allowed. 

Because of this divide, I hesitate to use the term in most of my advertising and marketing. 

In the interest of transparency,  I will say that I am considered GFE by all but those who believe the term indicates unprotected intercourse is allowed. 

Fortunately, those folk are in the minority. ;-)

Question: Do you offer ____________? (Insert metaphor, acronym or euphemism of your choice in the blank.)


Response: Sorry, but I do not answer such questions. My above response to the GFE question is all I'm willing to say.

If it is important to you that I answer more specific questions prior to arranging a date, then I am not the lady for you.

Those sorts of inquiries will not receive a reply.

Question: Do you offer Domination or any BDSM? 


Response: Sorry, but no.   I don't care if you think your fantasy/request is an easy or simple one OR if you believe I'd be good at Domination.  

Don't ask and DO NOT send me scenarios, writings, etc to try to persuade me. 

The answer is NO. 



Question: Will you see a solo woman?


Response: Yes. I am open to meeting singles and couples of all  gender identities and sexual orientations. 



Question: Are those real?  

Response: Well, they're not a figment of your imagination and I don't stuff my bra. LOL.  Beyond that, although some can tell the difference and some cannot, they are enhanced.   

Question: Will you see an African American client?


Response: Yes. I do not discriminate against any ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality or gender identity. If you are at least 35 years old, pass my screening, and I feel comfortable with everything you've shared during preliminary communication, then we can meet. :-)




Question: How old are you? What is your age?


Response: I'm 51 as of this writing, in early 2024.  Later this year, I'll be 52, then next year 53 and so on until I hopefully hit eleventy-one.  (LOTR nerds unite!) 

Some people think I look younger (usually I'm told mid-40s) and I freely admit I often don't act my age but there you have it. 

If, for whatever reason, you believe I'm older than that.... well, you're certainly welcome to keep that opinion to yourself as it  can be taken as an insult but I will provide proof in person, when asked. ;-)




Question: Do you offer dates with another provider?  


Response: Sorry, but no.  




Question: Is your incall location a private residence or a hotel?


Response: I'm a hotel girl.... far less maintenance! LOL!

Autumn 2022
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