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Something to remember you by.....



Thank you to any gentleman who is so thoughtful as to bring me a gift.         

No matter how small a token it may seem to you, I am always deeply appreciative of your romantic and considerate gesture!


It is never expected or requested, but should you choose to bring me “a little something” to remember you by, please keep the following in mind:                       

I have moderate to severe allergies, so please refrain from bringing me flowers, scented body products, or perfumes.  

The thought still counts, and I will be grateful for the gesture, but I won't be able to keep any such lovelies. 


For those who wish to send me a gift, again thank you SO MUCH, here is my Amazon Wishlist.



 These are a few of my favorite things!*:                                                                                                                                                                       

Gift Cards *: Amazon, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret, Southwest Airlines, DSW, Panera Bread or any restaurant.    

Any gift card is very unexpected and deeply appreciated: they really are one-size-fits-all! Whether it's a re-gift of a card you won't use, or you specifically pick it up just for me, I love these little pieces of plastic all the same! 

Something to sip: I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail,  so if you wish to bring a bottle of something for us to share (or simply as a gift), that will be lovely.

If you'd like to sip a  bottle of vino: preferably organic or biodynamic, due to my allergies.  Thank you!


Travel-related Gifts: I love travel: road trips, flights to both domestic and exotic locales, and cruises!  Gifts of travel accessories, luggage, and various types of vouchers for hotel stays, car rentals, cruise certificates and more are among my very favorite items to receive! These luxuries help me create new memories, and I will think of you when using that item (or taking that trip)!  And I promise to tell you how I put your gift to use when next we meet. ;-) ………My airline of choice for domestic travel is Southwest (seriously, I love them) and their gift cards are sold at many convenience stores. 


Something sweet: Although I have a sweet tooth, I do not need any such treats.  

If you bring me a box of Godiva chocolates, I will be ecstatic; but I will also be thoroughly preoccupied during our date, thinking about the luscious chocolates awaiting me upon your departure.  So just keep that in mind lol.


*Please keep in mind that all gifts are extras, entirely subject to your whim, and are not accepted in lieu of my donations.  Thank you!


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