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Archived Newsletter, September 2019

So what's new?


As usual, I've been touring and travellng all over the country.

 I haven't yet added any new tour destinations but I plan to do so in the new year. 


I've been unavailable in Chicagoland for some time now.  My next availability there will be around the end of December.


To all my Chicago friends: I'm sorry but I don't plan to be available there much in 2020 either.

Summer Memories


I took a wonderful, whirlwind, trip to NYC with my daughter.  We didn't do much of the popular touristy sight-seeing but focused instead on what interests her most.

She's a foodie so we tried many, many dishes we'd never before enjoyed, including Cuban, Korean, and Chinese cuisine as well as a couple NYC classics. 

I've had some other fun travels in the past few months, which I'll be posting to the blog on my website. 

Now here's a big one: next summer, I'll be moving to the Southwest US.


I do not plan to be available there but hope to continue touring all the same Midwestern cities I've been visiting for the past few years. 


As hinted above, I plan to add in new tour destinations in 2020, which I will detail  in an upcoming blog.


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