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Archived Newsletter, July 2019

A big welcome to all my new subscribers tuning in! LOL!

So, finding and keeping a newsletter host has been a bit challenging.  

It seems most services don't allow professional companions, even as paying customers.  

Ah well, this is just another reason why decriminalization is so very important. 

Ok, all politics aside....


To those who subscribed after May 17th:

I had only sent 2 newsletters prior to that date, but if you'd like to receive those too, just let me know! 


This is where I'll share all tour dates & destinations, along with important updates, first. 


If you're also following me on Twitter, THANK YOU!

I will continue to post upcoming tour news there as well, but I will be sharing it here prior to posting on my website, with social media coming in (a sometimes-distant) third. 

What's new since my last newsletter?


I'm so glad you asked!  LOL!  

Last month, I spent a weekend in Nashville, TN.  It was my first trip there but it won't be my last!  I had a great time playing tourist and enjoyed lots of great live music, which is EVERYWHERE! 



If you've ever wanted to check out a genuine honky-tonk, downtown Nashville is a Must-See!


A couple attractions I particularly enjoyed were the Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash Museums, which are housed in the same building.  

I learned much about Patsy Cline's life, and was very impressed.  My mother is a HUGE fan of Johnny Cash, so I was already familiar with many details of his life, especially his early years.  The new knowledge of him I gained was mostly sad, but it gave me a deeper appreciation of some of his music. 

 Thank you for reading!!! XOXOXO  



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