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Archived Newsletter, December 2019

Holiday Newsletter

Whichever holiday(s) you celebrate, I hope this season is happy, merry, blessed and just all-around wonderful for you!

  Any news?


But the BIG news isn't my own at all.

TER is back! 


Yes, you read correctly!  TheEroticReview is once again available in the US and all companion reviews have been restored. 


As some of you are aware, I've had mixed feelings about that site for a awhile.

However, because I strongly believe in freedom of speech, I find it abhorrent such sites have been closing.


 I'm hopeful there will be some changes now, and am basically giving it another chance.  

So I will be making time to post on TER's message boards and will wait to see what happens. 

Personal News


I was in Central Florida over Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time!  

My kids and I visited Clearwater Beach and also rented a pontoon boat for a day on the Gulf.

There's something so very satisfying and relaxing about spending time on/near the water!


In Other News....



Over the past few months, something very annoying has been happening.

My emails/replies to those using Gmail and Yahoo mail are either landing in Spam or not getting through at all.

They're also being filtered out by many companies and firms, so if you're using a work email address, this could occur. 

I haven't yet picked a new email, but I WILL have a new address very soon.  


The three photos shared here are from my most recent shoot.  For the first time, I also have a handful of short video clips.  I've already shared one on Twitter and hope to add that, and more, to my website soon.


Some of you noticed that although my photo-shoot was back in November, I've barely posted more than a few.  I apologize for teasing like that!

There were a few reasons for the delay but that is over now.  I'll be adding quite a few to my website over the next week. 


One of my New Year's resolutions will be to keep up with this newsletter more consistently.  I plan to make them a monthly thing, rather than only whenever I think I might have something to say AND find the time to say it lol.


I've been working on my 2020 tour schedule and have nearly completed my dates for the first quarter.  :-)   


So please stay tuned! 


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