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Archived Newsletter 7/3/2020

July Newsletter

Happy 4th of July!!!  

This holiday means we've all made it halfway through the year so WOOHOO!  

True, it hasn't gone the way any of us planned.  Many of us are still adjusting.

As for me, I am back to road-tripping and traveling across the beautiful Midwest.

Before lockdown, I was already planning a month-or-two-long break and during what turned out to be nearly three months off, it hit me that I was more burned out from the travel than I knew.  

I was so caught up in getting to my next destination that I'd stopped enjoying and appreciating the sights along my way.  

I'm happy to report that's no longer the case, and I am once again soaking up the beauty our natural world has to offer.

I don't pretend to be a good photographer but I enjoy having photographic evidence that I really WAS in a certain place, saw a particular thing, and had that experience.  

This grows more important every year, as memories begin to fade, the days and locations all blending together. 


I also get a huge kick out of some of the funny things/vehicles I see going down the highways.  

Here's one which tickled me so much that I just had to snap a pic of it!

I saw this, the boat strapped into the back of the truck rather than on a boat trailer and simply stared. Then laughed.

I love this sort of thing, I really do.  

Which bring me to my point (yes, I actually have one): it's the little things.  

Good, beautiful or funny, it's all these small moments in our lives which shape us and our attitudes.

No photos of me this time. 


Be happy and be good to each other.

Thank you! I truly appreciate everyone who reads my newsletter!

I hope to see you soon!!



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