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Archived Newsletter 6/22/2020

June Newsletter

Back in the saddle again!

Has everyone gotten back out into the real world to experience the "New Normal" yet?  

I've only done one trip so far, but I admit it feels great to be out & about, seeing faces both new and familiar, once more!

With the number of Covid cases rising again, I don't know how long this will last, but I intend to keep going until we are told we all need to go hide in a basement. LOL. 

Clearly, I need new photos if I'm sending selfies & shadow pics!  LOL!  

Rest assured, I will add that to my schedule  soon too!  

Until then, I will resort to my poor attempts at artistic photography and the occasional never-before-seen pic from my last pro shoot. :-)

It's been longer than I expected since my last newsletter but so many things were happening (social unrest, changing dates for personal obligations) that I felt the need to wait until things were more certain.

My previously-scheduled dates for Indiana were postponed until this week and my Michigan visit has now been bumped UP a week.

I'll be off completely for most of August, but then returning to continue visiting as many cities as possible before the "real" Zombie Apocalypse hits in the colder-weather months.  :-P

Thank you! I truly appreciate everyone who reads my newsletter!

I hope to see you soon!!



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