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Archived Newsletter 5/15/2020

May Newsletter

(Moving Forward!)

Who's ready to NOT social-distance?

Yes, I joke, but I AM taking this seriously.  

To be perfectly honest, I think we're jumping the gun by "reopening" the country.  I personally feel that we should all continue to avoid gatherings in enclosed indoor spaces and, when avoidable, everyone should wear a mask.

So...I will be making a few changes to how I tour.  

Most importantly, I will not be flying to any of my destinations until I truly believe it is safe to be locked in a tube, sometimes for hours, with dozens of people who could be expelling the virus into the air. 

 I know that may sound melodramatic, but for me this is an avoidable risk so I will be doing just that: avoiding it! 

Anything else?  

Well, not really.  As many of you are aware, I was planning to relocate to the Southwestern US this year.  (right around now, actually)

That move, whenever it happens, will have little to no effect on my touring but it has been put on hold.  

Because I had already been planning to have some time off this Spring, I've not been as adversely affected as many others.  


However, it is time for me to get back to work.....

PS~ Because this has already happened to companion friends:

I'd appreciate it very much if you NOT reply to tell me you're only seeing local ladies or avoiding touring providers or waiting until there's a vaccine, etc  etc.  

I understand and respect everyone's decisions regarding their own health & safety, I truly do. Please just remember that LESS is MORE.  

(and hey, let's not make anyone feel like a Typhoid Mary, ok? LOL)

Thank you!

I hope to see you somewhere along my travels! xoxoxo


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