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Archived Newsletter 1/1/2020

New Year's Is Here

I hope 2020 is happy, healthy and prosperous for all!

Tell me your New Year's resolutions!  

I have two: significantly decreasing my caffeine intake (dr's orders) and stop saying "Yeah" and instead say "Yes".  

I already know this will be difficult, especially during moments when I'm.... shall we say... excited?  But I will give it my best effort! 

This year, I will be changing up my schedule a bit and having more weeks when my availability is Monday-Friday, rather than my previous norm of Tuesday-Saturday.  

Why?  Well, mainly because I'd like to have a life on the weekends.  ;-)

For those who can typically only meet on Saturdays: I apologize.

 I might be able to stay over in your city occasionally, though, so please reach out to let me know of your interest in advance.


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