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Tell me about yourself!

Hello again to all my friends and fans,

Very little makes me feel more "put on the spot" or as though I've just been forced to do karaoke, than someone saying that to me. It honestly feels very interview-like.

Which isn't something I particularly enjoy. Trust me, that's a very good thing for those who'd be forced to listen to my singing. LOL.

I am: a Native Chicagoan, a White Sox fan, a Sci-Fi geek, a social media bumbler, a former stripper, a sucker for anyone who shows me pics of their rescue pets, an attentive listener and a sensual lover!

A little more in depth than that? Ok, here's another previous message-board post I particularly liked:

I'm basically an introvert; and a somewhat nerdy & dorky one at that. In large social situations, I'm very awkward & pretty much scared of my own shadow. It's only one on one (and on the internet lol) that I have any confidence or grace at all. You know that song, "So much cooler online".... yeah, that is very much ME. Which bring me to the second tidbit: I'm a Trekkie. I even go to conventions and occasionally dress up. Seriously, I can ROCK a Seven of Nine catsuit! I'm an animal-lover and now have several senior dogs of varying breeds. I used to volunteer with the Humane Society but I wanted to bring them ALL home with me. Big, big softie for animals, strays of all kinds, and pretty much any sob story. Mom of 2 grown children with different cognitive/developmental/neurological & learning disorders. My parents are nudists and former swingers, which has undoubtedly had a huge influence on my own values & outlooks. I'm a very nervous, anxious person. What some see as me being "controlling" or "scripted" is just my way of keeping enough order and routine in my life so that I can actually relax & enjoy the moment! Anti-anxiety meds make turn me into a dopey zombie, so structure is the way to go for me. What else? Hmmmmmm..... I love to cook, bake, and make everything in my personal space beautiful! Oh, and although I do work out, I hate it with a passion. The only cardio activity I really enjoy is sexercise!

So.... that's me. I tend to think I'm pretty boring and am always surprised by what other people think of me. I've been told I'm a free spirit, a controlling bitch, fearless, paranoid, classless, snobby, sexually adventurous and a vanilla prude.

Others' perceptions are always skewed by their own point of view.

Please comment on this, or any other of my blog entries! I really do appreciate your feedback!


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