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"You should write a book!"

People say that to me quite frequently. But already there are any number of books out there written by both current and former providers. I really don't think my stories or perspective would cover any new ground.

I've noticed many of the more-recent autobiographical accounts of this world are from the "high-end" ladies.

And some of them repeatedly stress how expensive and exclusive they are or were; because making the point that $5k/night ladies are quite different from $150/hr ladies is important to them.

But the differences are not so vast as many seem to think.

From what I've seen & read, the majority of the former type differ from the latter only in terms of the superficial trappings: her location, wardrobe, social graces, date length as well as where it takes place and of course, the income level of their average client.

Other than that.... we're all essentially the same.

Food for thought: Those who want this industry abolished make no distinction between streetwalkers and elite courtesans.

Whether you're talking about a "backpage girl" or an HDH (a high-dollar-hottie: one whose rates begin in the 5-figure range) the basics are the same; the differences being mainly cosmetic. What do I mean?

Both type advertise. Take and post photos. Write ad text; obtain and develop a website.

All of this helps to establish the lady's "brand"; who she is and what she is all about.

It doesn't matter if she only takes quickie appointments or multi-hour dates: this branding is very important as that also establishes what type of clientele she wishes to attract.

(Please note that there are also under-the-radar women at all levels and price points!)

When it comes to booking dates, there are those of each group who screen while others don't. Some ladies insist that men use their booking forms while there are still a few ladies who require a phone conversation prior to booking. It can be a clinical, casual, businesslike, or even a warm friendly experience during the date-setting phase.

Some expensive escorts keep things strictly professional prior to meeting, while others offer the "personal touch" of email or phone conversations. Same goes for the stereotypical BackPage girl: she might send flirty text messages, possibly even get a bit explicit via phone talk; or all communication is strictly to establish Where, When, and how much.

We all get clients we enjoy, and some we'd rather not see again. Don't let anyone kid you: no amount of screening, no booking form, ad or site text, will completely weed out the undesirables. More importantly, none of the aforementioned methods will eliminate the incidents where we just don't "click" with our gentlemen callers.

And we all get weirdos from time to time. I'm not speaking of the dangerous ones. Just......the odd ducks.

Whether it's a freaky fetish or the person says or does strange things, every provider has her share of memorable individuals.

The ones that make you go: Huh?!

I've got dozens of them. These are the tales which prompt my clients to encourage me to write a book. But that wouldn't be substantial enough for a whole book, in and of itself.

These tales are most definitely blog-worthy, though! ;-)

So maybe I'll share such unique episodes here.

Not sure whether or not this will become a regular thing, but here goes!

I currently advertise as a "milf" type. That's mostly just a sexy way of saying that I'm a woman "of a certain age'. Same goes for "cougar-type". I'm not interested in younger men; that's just one way to state my age-group without baldly calling myself a middle-aged woman lol.

So, anyway. MILF. People have asked me if I really am a MILF. That is, if I really am a mother. I used to deny it for the sake of privacy but that made me uncomfortable. So now..... yeah, I have kids, although they're not young children anymore.

Last year, one guy mentioned that he really loves milfs.

At first, I thought he was simply saying he liked "mature" women but then he remarked that he was glad I wasn't too old.

I don't recall exactly what our exchange included after that, but at one point he burst out, "I just love knowing I'm fucking someone's MOM!"

Yep, he actually said that: he loves knowing he's having sex with someone's mother.

I didn't respond because really.... what in the heck COULD I say?!

That's all for now. I'll have more to share soon, my darlings.

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