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Prelude to a Kiss

***Originally posted in 2016, I took this entry down for awhile but now feel like sharing it again!***

It begins with a kiss…..

Do you remember The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) by Betty Everett? Well, I do!

Perhaps I listened to it too many times when younger (my mother had an extensive collection of Oldies records) but I believe there really is some truth to that refrain.

If our first kiss is slow, wet & deep and our tongues tango rather than duel; it bodes well for things to come. ;-)

But if you like to play kissing games: start, then draw back, begin a deep tongue kiss, then sudden retreat, switch from kissing my lips to trailing little butterfly kisses on my face (which I dislike) then back again, making me chase your lips around, perhaps attempt to suck my tongue into your mouth or get me to do that to you, or take deep Darth Vader breaths (unless of course, there’s a medical explanation) as though you’re attempting to suck out my life-force…. Yeah, that tells me we won’t truly mesh as well as I’d hoped. Those types of "kising styles" just aren't my cup of tea.

Not that I'm saying there’s anything wrong with any of those styles of kissing! It’s just not natural for me, and playing along will require a conscious effort on my part.

I might even jerk away suddenly, especially if bite/nibble my lips or tongue.

But those long, leisurely kisses where our tongues swirl around one another’s, while our bodies press together… perhaps even swaying to the soft jazz music in the background?

Oh yes, now we’re off to the races!

Kissing/sucking my neck?

Oh my goodness, that has a tendency to make my clothes fall off fast, it really does. Mmmmmm, mmmm!

So while I don’t put a lot of stock in first impressions, a first KISS is highly indicative of our compatibility. ;-)

Yes, I really want to kiss! I’ll be disappointed if you’re not a kisser, no matter the reason.

Your opinion is that this experience is solely about what you want, and I should be a professional and provide that for you, regardless of my own preferences?

Then I will cheerfully and respectfully request that you do not make a date with me. :-)

Being “professional” and accommodating about something so intimate is tricky for me.

I’m always looking for the right balance between creating a unique, genuine, personable experience..... while maintaining high standards, yet without coming off TOO professional.

And thus, running the risk of our time together taking on an impersonal tone.

I know there have been times when someone thought my preferences too formulaic or scripted, but as I wrote earlier, how our date progresses depends largely on you.

Screening, scheduling, confirming…. Yes, all of those are typically less fun than arranging for a traditional date or hookup but once you’re inside my door that’s where I want that procedural feeling to end!

And for the “sexy-hookup” or “hot-first-date-romp” vibe to begin. If my desire for the trappings and niceties of a civilian encounter seem pretentious to you…. Well.

Please keep that opinion to yourself.

And show up ready to kiss, touch, and leave all thoughts of this being just an “appointment” at the door.

So not only is it in your kiss, it’s also in the lack thereof.

“It” being an indication of chemistry and signs of what’s to come. This is a DANCE.

Dance with me, baby!


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