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Shake, Rattle, and Rant!

Welcome to my reality!

I've attempted to write a few times in the last few weeks; each time, either I decided to delete it after reading my work or I just didn't have enough time to say what I wanted to say... then never got back to completing/rewriting my entry and thus my blog has been unattended for almost an entire month.

The main reason I've refrained has been due to fear of a possible backlash, but I've now decided that so few people read this blog that I'm just gonna go ahead and start venting about some of the issues that have been weighing on my mind......

My biggest pet peeve of late, is when I read tweets, blogs, posts etc from those who refuse to entertain any other point of view than their own, and have no understanding for others' perspectives and opinions. The worst aspect is when these myopic individuals spout off over and over, advocating that everyone should adhere to what he/she thinks is best or logical or just plan "right". They will repeatedly harp on the same point that they think best illustrates that they are right, when all they're doing is remaining closed-minded and beating a dead horse. The big problem is that I KNOW some folks will think this person really might be right, and follow his/her advice without really thinking it through. Mostly because the loud ones frequently use dramatic examples (which are usually the exception, NOT the norm) to make his/her point.

And of course a lot of this stems from a very self-centered viewpoint, an arrogance that HIS (or her) priorities take precedence and are what everyone in the same position should consider to be of utmost importance, as well.

If you've read any of the many recent threads on screening, you hopefully see what I'm getting at. I may feel the urge to go into more detail about it at a later time, but for right now I'm being a tiny bit more circumspect about it. Because no matter what the loudmouths have to say about us ladies, I am quite discreet.

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