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Today's Wednesday, so this must be...

Cedar Rapids? Fort Wayne? Green Bay?

Yes, I travel more weeks than not, often visiting multiple cities in one week, so I have had these moments. ;-)

I'll even admit there have been mornings when I've awakened unsure of where I was.

But, as with many things, the great savior Caffeine saves the day. LOL.

In 2020 these moments may occur with greater frequency as I will (at long last) add a significant number of new destinations.

Sometimes people say, "I don't know how you do it!" in reference to my travel schedule.

Well, it's not always easy but I honestly LOVE it.

Yes, I sometimes get exhausted, especially when driving through inclement weather or snarled-up construction zones which considerably add to my drive-time between cities.

But then the morning comes and I have the privilege of seeing/meeting gentlemen who truly make me feel special.

Some of whom drive long distances themselves because whichever city I'm visiting is the closest I (and sometimes ANY touring ladies) come to them.

I'm always flattered by this, just as I am when people take the time to write and ask if I'd consider touring their area.

I've kept track of such requqests and used this information when considering new cities/states to visit.

So, where will I be headed?

Ohio: Cincinnati and Columbus definitely.

Please email to request other cities!

Kansas: Wichita and possibly Topeka.

Tennessee: Nashville & Memphis

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City & Tulsa

Arkansas: Little Rock

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh and possibly other cities if requested

Kentucky: I'm already visiting Louisville semi-regularly and plan to give Lexington a whirl in the new year!

I've toured a few of the above cities many years ago and am interested to see if/how they've changed in the long interval since my last visits there.

I do have a confession: I haven't received a single request from Memphis, TN. Not one.

But I've always wanted to tour Graceland so.... yes.

I'm going anyway. :-)

It might wind up being a one-time-only occurrence but as long as I get to see Elvis's home?

I'm more than okay with that! LOL.

What does all this mean? Well, the most noticeable change is I will not attempt to include any Chicago availability except for the rare occasions when I actually need to be in my home area for a few days.

Another? Many of my tour cities are on an 8-10 week rotation. Due to the addition of new geographical areas, those visits will now be spaced approximately 12 weeks apart.

I'll announce the first couple months' destinations in my newsletter soon so if you haven't already signed up for that, please do so now! Thank you!

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