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Winter Wonderland

It's 6:30am and I've been watching the heavy snowfall for a few hours now. I usually arise around 4am so when one of my dogs woke me around 3, I decided to just stay up. The snow is beautiful to me; reminiscent of a Thomas Kinkade winter scene. I've got my (faux) fireplace going, making nice crackling sounds which really help create the cozy winter feeling I'm cultivating.

Much better than thinking about shoveling once it finally stops lol.

My satellite TV is out... likely too much snow accumulation on the dish. Once the sun fully rises, I will go outside and brush it off. It's probably for the best that I NOT watch too much of the weather news; it will only serve to frighten me.

And there's nothing I can do about it, so why do that to myself?

Maybe I'll go for a short walk then too.... just to gaze around at the pristine snow sparkling (I hope!) in the dawn sun, before all my neighbors begin shoveling/snowblowing and their kids start playing around in it. Early mornings are a wonderful time to really see what's around you.

Plus, I like the snow best when it has first fallen, prior to getting piled up, dirtied, and slushed about.

I'm still working on this site.... adding and editing things here and there. Still deciding how much or how little text to put on each page. I'm aware I don't have the same font type or size on each page.... maybe I'll get some more of that stuff done today to give this a more cohesive look.

That's a good "indoor activity" right? That, and baking! I'll make some carrot bread and corn muffins, and maybe some soup in my Crock Pot (one of the greatest inventions ever, in my opinion) to have for the upcoming week. Ahhhh.... warm thoughts.

It is beginning to get light out there, although I cannot see any streaks from the sun; it is a muted sunrise but that has its own beauty too.

Now to fix myself a cup of cocoa and enjoy it.......

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