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January 31, 2015

To blog or not to blog?  

I honestly can't imagine that many of you who stumble on this page are truly interested in my ramblings. However, writing a blog is something halfway-constructive for me to do while waiting around for one of you to stop by.  ;-)

If you don't like it, don't bother to read it.  While I am clearly just wasting my own time away, it is not my intention to waste anyone else's.  


This morning I left home while it was still dark, and watched the sunrise while I drove.... it's easy to forget how pretty it really is.  In an attempt to feel warmer I was listening to Radio Margaritaville (the Jimmy Buffett station) on my satellite radio and it actually worked!  

Mind over matter, right?


Of course, in my mind I was watching a sunset, instead of a sunrise, sitting on a warm tropical beach with a Mai Tai or other suitable Boat Drink in hand..... And then thinking of  fruity drinks, I recalled the days when I favored a Tequila Sunrise with extra grenadine, so yummy!  But I can no longer drink tequila, it just doesn't agree with me.  

I've been told that the more pure (read: expensive!) tequilas might not do that, but I haven't yet put it to the test.  


Actually, that's not true... several years ago, I was in Las Vegas and went to The Pink Taco where I allegedly sampled a few high-end tequilas.  

I say "allegedly", as my memories of that are very hazy,  and I think the stomach-flu-like symptoms I suffered later had more to do with the quantity I imbibed rather than the potent potables themselves.

For someone who rarely sips more than a glass or two of wine, a few shots on top of whatever cocktail I likely had with lunch were far too much. :-)


Back to Tequila Sunrises.... I only started drinking them because when I was a tween I LOVED LOVED LOVED Madonna and that was the drink she ordered in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan;  I hung on to that until I was old enough to order one and thought I was so cool for drinking one.  


Yep, I am that big of a dork.  And I still think Madonna is the epitome of cool.  

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